Decopatch & Foam Clay

Decopatch and Foam Clay are both pottery decorating techniques which don't need firing and so can be taken home on the day - great for those in a rush for birthday gifts, holiday makers soon to go home and impatient creators who want instant results! Or just those who want a different look to their craftwork. The price of the pottery is the same whether you choose to Decopatch, Foam Clay or paint.

Decopatch and Foam Clay can also be chosen for Children's Parties, and is a great option for Group Bookings. We also sell Decopatch and Foam Clay as kits to take away and make at home.
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Decopatch is a fab and funky papercraft brining a modern twist to the traditional craft of decoupage. It looks great on many base materials but we think it's perfect on our pottery bisque due to the bisque's smooth surface and white colour which ensure the papers' colours and patterns stay bright and vibrant. Pottery decorated with Decopatch is not food safe - so best used on decorative, rather than functional, pieces. Many different papers are available giving lots of choice to decorators and the glue is safe, easy to use and gives a clear satin shine to finished pieces. After the paper-patching is finished, gems, glitter and acrylic paints can be added to further enhance your creation.

Full instructions are given by staff before you start gluing, and to transport your piece home when you've finished. Decopatch is recommended for adults and children aged over 7 years, but children aged 5 and 6 would be able to decorate simple shapes with adult assistance.
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Foam Clay

Foam Clay is a self-hardening modelling material containing tiny beads with a unique texture and is available in 10 colours. Children particularly find Foam Clay appealing due to its unusual consistency, bright colours and instant results. After applying to the pottery, the Foam Clay hardens in approximately 24 hours.

Foam Clay works best on pottery which is not too detailed as the detail can be lost when covered in the 'clay'. We are happy to advise you on which shapes to avoid. Foam Clay, like Decopatch is not food safe so if moulded onto utility pieces such as bowls and dishes the piece will only be decorative and useful for storing non-food items.

We will give you instructions on how to apply the Foam Clay and how to transport it home for drying before you start decorating.
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My children (3, 9 and 12) and I absolutely love Kippy's. From toddler sessions to decopatch there is something for everyone. My autistic son also loves the calm relaxing environment where he can take all the time he wants to perfect his creation! A massive 5 stars from us!
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